Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who We Are Rooting For This Weekend

6'-3", 280 pound pride of Greater Atlanta Christian High School... T Bob Hebert
T Bob's the starting center for LSU, so applying the "My Enemy's Enemy is My Friend" theory already makes him a good 280 pound egg in our book. Even if he wasn't playing Georgia this week we'd still pull for T Bob...
...because you gotta pull for a guy named T Bob when he's wearing Tiger colors. Not only that...
...T Bob's the son of Atlanta's favorite rubber armed, Cajun mouthed, quarterback Bobby Hebert.
Why do we love Bobby? Partially because he was a no excuse making leader of men that some how operated a run and shoot offense with an octogenarians elbow ligaments, but mostly because he's not this guy.
And that's not even the worst picture we could find of Jeff George, just the worst one we could find of him in Falcons gear.
Mullet? Check!
Mustache? Check!
Crappy Attitude? Check!

One last note. We don't mean to cast dispersions on Father Hebert's man hood, but exactly how old was T Bob when he got two big to go across his daddy's knee? Twelve, thirteen months?


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