Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carolina on someone's mind......

Try as he might, Butch Davis just can't change.....

It was only a matter of time. Wash all you want, Butch, but the stench of Miami will hang around like the Florida humidity. Well, at least he learned at a place where cheating is an art form. It's not academic? Nice to know. I'll take recruiting for $500, Mr. NCAA Compliance Investigator.....

UPDATE: word on the street is that the NCAA is looking into players receiving improper benefits from agents including several of the highly touted defenders who chose to return for their senior season. Has Reggie Bush been sighted in Chapel Hill lately?


  1. So how do you see this playing out Hash?

  2. Peter,
    This could get interesting. They supposedly talked to Marvin Austin, Bruce Carter, & Kendric Burney today & asked to see phone records in relation to their interaction with agents. Austin was said to be driving a vehicle registered to former Tar Heel Kentwan Balmer, who's now a 49er. This in itself could be an "improper benefit". If it goes back to say Balmer's agent or he's somehow involved it could get very sticky for Austin. With five potential 1st rounders returning for their senior year, a friend of mine with close ties to Chapel Hill said he's been told agents created a pretty crazy atmosphere around the program. Best case scenario for UNC is that the players had no contact (not likely) or the NCAA decides it's minor & looks the other way. Worst case is that the NCAA hands down a Dez Bryant-like suspension to a couple big time players. I'm very interested to see how this plays out & it illustrates an interesting problem (that of agents) in college athletics today. There's really no penalty for an agent who contacts these kids so they have little to lose. If the school forbids certain agents or their representatives from campus the school is hurt in recruiting by "street agents" who tell kids not to go there. Interesting catch-22. This will get more interesting tomorrow is my guess. I'll keep you posted,

  3. One other interesting note: the head of the NCAA Infractions Committee is formerMiami AD Paul Dee, who hired Butch Davis & worked with him for six years before Davis left for the NFL. There's a little conspiracy material for everyone.....

  4. I ran it past a couple of my UNC buddies and they seem to think that so long as the kids are honest they'll probably get ~4 game suspensions, which bodes well as a GT fan. It'll be interesting to see how this impacts recruiting for them, provided it's just a hand slap.