Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words of Gibberish - Week 10 - On The Run

Holly Crap! We really took the week off didn't we! Well we're back.

Last Week 6-9
Season 65-67

We are on the road again this weekend. This time running from our bookie. Our plan is to follow our friend Daryl Zero's advice and keep moving every few months. Stay out of westernized countries for a while. Don't carry too much cash on our body, give incorrect information everywhere, and never use our real name.

That said, here are the picks. Disagree? Hit us up with a comment. Got a better picture, send it to us at

Virginia Poly -14.5 vs. Georgia Tech
Virginia Poly has beaten their spread in the last six games, and in Tech's last two games against real opponents they lost by 14 and 17. Clemson and NC State are nowhere near as good as Virginia Poly, a monster team with one inexplicable loss on their record.

NC State +2.5 at Clemson

A little Dabo-do-ya. Clemson followed up a win over a discombobulated Tech team with a flop against BC. That's coaching. The match-up in this game will be strength vs. strength. State's passing game versus the Tiger's pass defense. Complicating things for Clemson is Andre Ellington's toe injury. Something that can really slow down a quick player like him. It will be a close game, but count on Dabo to mix in enough random passes to blow it.

Virginia +1 at Duke

Virginia actually seems to play the pass pretty well, which is all Duke can do. Its not like the Cav's are getting blown out in every game, they have played hard for new coach Mike London. Offensively the Hoo's are averaging just 16 fewer yards per game than Duke passing.

Illinois +3 at Michigan

We all new Michigan was going to fold like a cheap…something, when Big Twelven play started, but probably the only surprising loss was a 41-31 loss to Penn State. The Illini on the other hand are not terrible or terrific. They reek of aptitude while the Michigan Defense does not. We'll take the team over the one man game, but it's going to be close.

Maryland +11 at Miami

Miami passes too much. In college football you still need to run the ball to set up the pass. There just aren't enough great quarterbacks at that level to throw the pill around as much as Miami does without a real threat to run. Yes Miami's the better team. Oh and did we mention Jacory Harris is going to miss this game.

Baylor +7.5 at Oklahoma State

Baylor just continues to be underrated, and Oklahoma State plays 0 defense. This is going to be a close, high scoring game

Florida State -10 vs. North Carolina

Combined the two teams have five loses, but those loses are to LSU, Georgia Tech, Miami, Oklahoma, and NC State; five pretty good teams. UNC has played valiantly this year (because they had to, because they got caught cheating), but valiantly non the less. We just don't think they have the offense to keep up with what will be an angry FSU team, and without their top players, they don't have the defense to slow down the Seminoles

Northwestern +6.5 at Penn State

Mmm, bet the under if you must. Both teams are allowing about 20 points a game, while Northwestern is out scoring Penn State 26.6 to 22.9 points per game without the benefit of having played Michigan

TCU -5 at Utah
Utah has played NO ONE this year. We repeat "NO ONE"! Why the hell are they five? Seriously, TCU is way better.

Oregon State - 6.5 at UCLA

Oregon State, would be ranked if not for one bad overtime loss at Washington. A nine point loss to TCU and a 13 point loss in Boise are nothing to be ashamed of. UCLA has three wins, against Texas (not such a hot team after all) Washington State (a hot plate of poop) and Houston (without a starting QB)

Oklahoma -4 at Texas A&M
Not even going to think about this one, Oklahoma is way better than Texas A&M. Oklahoma's one loss, to Missouri can be directly attributed to three uncharacteristic turnovers in the red-zone. Texas A&M treats the ball like a Frisbee at a Phish concert.

South Carolina -3 vs. Arkansas

South Carolina has the worst pass defense in the SEC. Arkansas has Ryan Mallet, the leading passer in the SEC. Arkansas is 9th worst rushing defense in the SEC, which probably isn't an accurate reflection of how bad they are considering the Razorbacks' offense forces many an opponent to pass just to keep up. South Carolina has Marcus Lattimore, the SEC's second leading rusher behind the ridiculous Cam Newton. The difference in the game could be; one that leading Arkansas WR Greg Childs will miss the game, and two the fact that though poor against the pass, the Gamecocks front four can generate pressure and get sacks. We don't think missing Childs will hurt Akransas that much, as they have a lot of weapons at WR, but that combined with a few timely plays by the 'Cocks defensive lineman may tip the balance.

Arizona +8.5 at Stanford

A battle between 2nd place teams in the PAC-10, and it should be close. Arizona has the superior defense and the most productive passing game in the PAC-10. Stanford is more balanced on offense, scores plenty of points, and quite frankly is unconscionable. Arizona is allowing an amazing 14.4 points a game, and that's in the wack-attack PAC-10.

Texas -4 at Kansas State

Kansas State is the second most productive rushing team in the Big 12. Nebraska is #1. Kansas State is the 10th best passing offense in the Big 12, Nebraska is 11th. Texas is number two defending the run in the Big 12. We think this is a bad match-up for Kansas State.

Alabama -6.5 at LSU

Both teams are really good defensively, but one is cover your eyes awful offensively. For Gawd's sake, the Tiger's could only muster 17 points against Auburn!

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