Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally, Somebody Gets It........

A fantastic post over at Brophy Football on how Norm Parker & the Iowa defense held the spread option in check in the Orange Bowl. We take exception to the term "annihilation", after all, they didn't pitch a shut out & we were only down seven in the fourth quarter. But the fact remains the Iowa defense stifled our offense as well as anyone has since CPJ came to Tech. And it all came down to two simple factors: 1) execution, & 2) winning match-ups. It's not magic or witchcraft or anything fancy. Iowa executed their defensive plan better than we executed our offensive one. Plain & simple. Just watch their positioning & how they are able to shed/avoid blocks. Good stuff here, particularly the end-zone camera shots. It's not particularly fun to watch as a Tech fan but this should hopefully help settle the debate on why/how we were beaten......As has been the case in football for years, whomever executes better wins and that night in Miami was no exception.....(h/t: Senator Blutarsky)

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