Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hell Yes!!!!!!!

Once again a clutch effort. A well deserved win for the boys in red, white, & blue. A class finish by Donovan at the end to prove his mettle. Bocanegra & Demerit deserve credit in back while Altidore continues to assert himself up top. And what service from Tim Howard toward the end of the game. On to the round of 16.......

1 comment:

  1. Oh, yeah! A thriller of an almost 0-0 tie. Er, no. A team that wins one of three by a single goal does not define excitement by any measure, despite all of the people that wish it so.

    No self-respecting American can be a hardcore fan of a sport where guys routinely take a fall and then roll around on the ground like Vanilla Ice. Or is it more like Beavis?

    Perhaps the fun is in winning a game that 99% of the world is passionate about but 99.9% of Americans couldn't care less about?

    -The Mayor