Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not too bad.....

College Football News just came out with their annual look at the Jackets & I must say I'm pretty impressed. Sure, they missed a few details but overall I think it's a pretty accurate accounting of the Yellow Jackets. Richard Cirminiello offers a preview of the season & then breaks down the offense & defense. Don't pay too much attention to the depth chart, it's got a few holes.

What they got right in the Preview:
  • The key is defense, we'll get our points. Jefferson is indeed our best defender & Nesbitt is the key to the offense. Yes, the schedule is very tough. As far as what determines a successful season, I'll agree that nine wins, with our division & schedule, would be a success. My caveat: one of those nine wins must be against the Mutts. The UNC game is key to set the tone for the rest of the season. Go on the road & beat them & we're likely undefeated heading into the tilt with Clemson....
What they missed in the Preview:
  • It's great to have Cooper Taylor back but he's not the key to our success. We're so deep at safety he might not even start. The success of the 3-4 hinges on quality nose tackle play. Logan Walls, TJ Barnes, & perhaps true freshman Shawn Green will be the guys to watch this season. If they can hold the point of attack & demand a double team we'll have a much improved defense. Those guys, & the play of the defensive line as a whole, will determine our success.
For a national writer who doesn't cover the Jackets & obsess about them as we do, I was impressed with the breakdown. Some light reading until we begin to crank out the heavy breakdowns closer to the season.....

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