Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Someone in North Carolina.....

I had no idea Colombo boss Carmine Persico lives at Georgia Tech......

Has a sense of humor. Or really hates the ACC. Turns out that all the dorms at the Butner Federal Correctional Facility are named for ACC schools. Bernie Madoff & noted spy Jonathan Pollard live in Clemson. Former Colombo family mob boss Carmine Persico is in Georgia Tech. So, we're the mob unit. A little cache there. Better than housing child molesters & terrorists. Which brings us to the question: where do the child molesters & terrorists live? What ACC school represents such despicable folks? (h/t Jason Kirk at The Falcoholic)


  1. Maryland... The article states it:
    ...ducking through the gym and the twelve-foot-high fence and turning in the direction of Maryland, the unit where child molesters are confined after they’ve served their sentences. As usual, the...

  2. I was just relieved we weren't the terrorist dorm.