Friday, June 11, 2010


Things are pretty dead in the world of college football right now. Fortunately for those who need to fill their hate quotient during the dog days of summer, the world brings us futbol, or soccer, and with futbol comes angry Scotsman, and it doesn't get more hate filled than that.

As they say in Scotland "we may not win the world cup, but neither will England". With the Scots once again failing to reach the World Cup, the enterprising Scots have chosen a proxy. That's right, the Scots would rather root for a bunch of Franco Phonic Mohomidites than England. That's like UGA fans buying Texas gear last year, only if Texas was populated with Franco Phonic Mohomidites, and not monosyllabic rednecks.

This entire article was an excuse to highlight the brilliance and integrity of British journalism.


  1. I'm glad you added that disclaimer at the end, because I don't think it would be less dead in college football right now if it was Labor Day weekend!

  2. Indeed. Absolute best college footbaw offseason EVER!!!