Tuesday, May 4, 2010

D.W.C. (Driving While Cajun)

Over the weekend, T-Bob Hebert, son of Bobby Hebert, and current LSU back-up center, received a citation for Driving While Intoxicated. At first we thought Les Miles would use the "Janikowski Defense", as Hebert, much like former Seminole's place kicker Sebastian Janikowski, comes from a foreign land whose laws and habits are much different from our own. Instead Miles opted for suspension. As we noted above, Hebert is the back up center.

Accadian National Flag

As any good blogger would be, we were ready to get up on our Ten Foot horse and condemn T-Bob for being an amoral, irresponsible, jock thug, because only the worst kind of person ever gets in trouble with the law. By definition, if a cop pulls you over, you're a criminal and should be beaten with a cat of nine tales. But then we saw this Hanna-Barberra P.S.A. which just made us want to do seriously heavy duty hallucinogens.

Next time Big Guy, throw your keys in the woods and take a nap in the back seat. It will make everyone feel better in the morning.

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  1. As I said yesterday, Les Miles suspending Hebert is like suspending a fish for swimming or a leopard for having spots. It's all in the genes....As for your last suggestion of throwing the keys away, it's certainly what Daddy used to do....