Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mr. College Football.....

went out on a limb & picked North Carolina to win the ACC Coastal division title this season. It seems Mr. Barnhart is not only drinking the Kool-Aid but making it also. I thought about posting some long & exhaustive treatise on why UNC will struggle to win the title but it seemed superfluous after I thought about this:

Meet UNC offensive coordinator John Shoop

And now his long lost brother:

"Mr. Offensive Excitement" former Tech coordinator Patrick Nix

Separated at birth? Two minds that think as one? No two men have done more to retard the progress of offensive football in the ACC than Shoop & Nix. 3rd & 12? A draw, not one time, but every time! True offensive savants, these two......These two are so conservative they'd wear a nun's habit to work if they thought they could get away with it. Both coaches idea of risque is an end-around. Both work(ed) for former & unsuccessful NFL head coaches. I'll spare you the details, you get the point......

One more corollary:

This is UNC quarterback & Marietta native Tyler Yates......

T.J. Yates
And this is his "brother-from another mother" $%^&$%^&&*(he who shall not be named.....):

- Four year starters? Check
- From Atlanta? Check
- Masters of throwing the 5 yard out on 3rd & 14? Check
- Prone to throw the ball directly into the hands of the opposing team at all-to-frequent intervals? Check
- Folds like a cheap tent under even the mildest pressure? Check
- Never beaten rival? Check

A brief equation:
John Shoop (= Patrick Nix)
+ Tyler Yates (= Reggie Ball)
= An Uphill Battle (no matter how damn good your defense is).

Is it possible that UNC wins the Coastal crown? Absolutely, they certainly belong in the conversation, & their defense will be fearsome, as advertised. But let's not annoint a team that hasn't won an ACC crown since 1980 the favorite in the Coastal......especially with Shoop & Yates calling/executing the shots.....

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  1. And those colors just never instill fear on the field... although, I'm currently watching Manchester City put the hurt on Aston Villa.