Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Heather Dinich.....

ESPN's golden girl is at it again. This time she she says that we can't defend our ACC title "in the best case scenario....". Worst case scenario: a seven win season. I had a chance to speak with Dinich about why we won't make the ACC Championship game & here's a bit of the conversation:

I tried......


  1. The sad thing is that I own that movie... Bill and I almost pee'd ourselves watching it the first time. Don't think I've watched it since.

    [hands in man card]

  2. Are you handing in your card for an upgrade? I agree that 1000 free bonus points are yours in the "cinematography" category. You show fine taste in movie, good sir.


  3. in da face with your "trying-to-trick-a-bitch" ass!