Wednesday, May 5, 2010

St. Patricks Day is Bullshit

But Cinco Da Mayo is the shit!

It's even a real holiday that we as Norte-Americano's have some stake in. Mexico defeated a French army on this day in 1862. It was the last time a foreign power ever put a significant number of feet on the ground in North America as an invading army. Thus Mexico won a battle not just for Mexico, but for all people on the North American Continent. From Panama City, Panama to Edmonton, British Columbia celebrate like you give a damn about the Monroe Doctrine people. Fire back those tequila shots. It's your North-American duty.....

You have been duly warned......


  1. there is also this, which is awsome.

  2. Thanks, I changed it to 1862. Stupid fingers.

  3. ¡muy gracioso! El gringo pussycat problemente