Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep Yo' Pimp Hand Strong.....

we thought our response to Heather Dinich's little video on why we can't repeat as ACC Champs was pretty good. But Anthony Allen & Josh Nesbitt have taken things to a "whole 'nother level." A classic moment right there. You have been duly served, Ms. Dinich. How fucking huge is Josh Nesbitt? He dwarfs Allen, our fullback, whose not exactly a small man. I almost feel sorry for ACC linebackers. But not really.....Well done by #18 & #9 & a tip of the cap to loyal reader Matt who brought this to our attention.....(h/t: Enuratique @ Stingtalk for the title)


  1. Thanks for the "shout out"!!!

  2. I've seen Joshua Nesbitt in person and either he's bulked up significantly (in the good way) or I should have taken the opportunity to stand up and really appreciate how beastly he really is. I'd not hesitate to use the word "Monster."
    -The Mayor