Friday, May 7, 2010

The Friday Five.....

which as you all know by now isn't really five it's however many we deem important. Here we go......
  • AD Dan Radakovich released his monthly "Good Word" yesterday, most of which deals with the Alabama scheduling situation. You can read it in its entirety here. The highlight, or should I say lowlight, is the following: "Indeed the world of football scheduling is difficult & ever-changing. While we desire to play quality opponents, we must look at creating balance to allow our team the ability to peak at the proper time and give our team the best chance to win." Let's cut the bullshit here. We bailed because we don't want the potential loss. There, I said it. It's not "balance" we're seeking as the Bama games in 2013 & 2014 actually gave us balance. This still makes no sense to us. So last night at the caravan stop in Savannah Radakovich said the games are back on for 2019 & 2020. I'm still unhappy about the way this went down. Hopefully we'll know who the replacement games are sooner rather than later. We're big fans of Radakovich & feel he does an excellent job but this was a mistake. Let's hope he corrects it in short order....
  • The Bills have officially signed Cord Howard. Great news & we expect Cord will make the Bills roster this summer with the depleted status of their offensive line.
  • Frank Beamer took a nasty fall getting off a plane after something called the "Orange & Maroon tour". According to Spencer Hall at EDSBS, the pavement got the worst of it. Our best to Beamer on a speedy recovery.....
  • Phil Steele has a handy chart that tells us the percentage of offensive output each team returns from last year. UNC leads the ACC contingent at 98.4% which means jack shit because 98.4% of ineffective is still ineffective. Virginia Poly comes in at #4 returning 98.38% of their offense. Tech comes in at #69, returning 65.34% of our offensive output. But all this really means little as it only takes into account skill position players. Any smart football fan knows it starts with the guys up front & you can't really quantify that.....It will be interesting & may decide the Coastal division to see which Tech does a better job replacing three departed starters on the offensive line. (h/t Shakin' the Southland via Garnet & Black Attack)
  • BayBay answers questions from Broncos fans in Denver. And to the dipshit that wants to change his nickname - it's BayBay, leave it alone.....
  • Derrick Morgan garners some love from former Falcon Chuck Smith. Hopefully he's dry up there in Nashville.....
  • Finally, we leave you with what evidently is a long standing & most laudable tradition: the Arizona State "Undie Run" for charity. We LOVE charity. The fine folks at Friends of the Program have the details (& pictures) here. Just a small sample to whet your appetite.....
Enjoy the weekend.....


  1. They decreased the Strength of Schedule component in a short sided, knee jerk decision when Oaklahoma went to the Championship game despite loosing the Big 12 championship game.

    If strength of schedule counted more, a game against a team like Alabama would offer more reward to the risk. Under the current system A loss to Alabama, no matter how close hurts Tech way more than a close win over a terrible team.

    I know it sucks, but the current BCS formula doesn't reward strength of schedule nearly enough, so Tech is merely doing what every big time football program is doing. This is simply D-Rad responding the the current environment to keep Tech in the national picture. It sucks that the current system makes this a "smart" decision, but it does, and we the fans get less interesting games.

    Its a situation that needs to be addressed at the BCS level...which probably means nothing will happen.


  2. PS - Why is it when I run down the street in my underware swiging beer out of a tall boy its considered Drunk and Disorderly, but when 3,000 college co-eds do it, its tradtion?

    - Frank

  3. I wonder where the Latin American students kept their papers during the run?

  4. Balance?!? Is he frickin serious?!? He had those games lined up to balance out the imbalance of the odd-even year crap we have now. It would have been @Alabama, @Miami with uga, VT, FSU and Clemson at home in 2013. It would have been @uga, @VT, @FSU, @Clemson with Alabama and Miami at home in 2014. Alabama was the only thing providing some semblance of balance. Which home game aside from Miami am I supposed to get excited about in 2014, Wake Forest, Duke, Virginia, Wofford or the FCS team that is gonna replace Bama?

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