Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Have You Seen This Man......????

Are footballs randomly landing in your yard leaving craters only an 81mm mortar could make? Do you often see footballs disguised as low flying missiles over your house? Well, we need your help. Late last night the Fourth Down Consultant & I were discussing, well, 4th down, for a post that will appear later today & we had cause to reflect upon perhaps Tech's greatest punter, Rodney Williams. Yes, he of the cannon leg from Decatur and the longest punt in NFL history. And we got to wondering, where is Rodney Williams now? So help us out, peeps, & let's find Rodney Williams. A suitable prize to the person who locates Mr. Williams.......


  1. If Rodney is located, I would like to ask if he could write something to respond to the perception that the punter position is football's equivelant of Jude the Apostle, also known as the Patron Saint of Lost Causes. Nobody could better defend the value of a punter. And, being that he went to Tech, I'm sure he can read & write, in spite of how much dank he consumed on campus. God, it was the dankest, too...Alledgedly the dankest, not that I would know... -4DC

  2. That Punt Was longer than the shoot out at the end of God Father III.

    -Dennis Miller