Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Black Santa, You've Been Served.......

Apparently our friends at the NCAA have turned their attention in the Marvin Austin/Greg Little/ UNC probe towards Carolina assistant John Blake, aka Black Santa, & his relationship with agent Gary Wichard. Blake has always been known as a hell of a recruiter, and if you believe the Ol' Ball Coach, he hasn't come by that reputation honestly. Spurrier directed his verbal rapier at Blake earlier today, opining:

"When you've been in coaching as long as I have, we know the reputation of almost all the coaches that have been around a long time," Spurrier said Tuesday. "We all have a reputation, especially guys who've coached 20 years or so. It's hard to hide whatever your reputation is."

Ouch, that might leave a mark. Apparently the Ol'Ball Coach is feelin' a bit frisky these days......
Wouldn't you if Ric Flair was your bodyguard (h/t Doc Saturday)

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