Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Current Depth Chart.....

Couple requests for a current depth chart so I'll go ahead & post one. I'm pretty confident this is where we stand right now, nine days before toe meets leather.

  • QB: Nesbitt (SR), Tevin Washington (rs SO), David Sims (rs FR)
  • A-back: Roddy Jones (rs JR.), Marcus Wright (JR), Robbie Godhigh (rs FR)
  • A-back: Embry Peeple (JR), Orwin Smith (SO), BJ Bostic (FR)
  • B-Back: Anthony Allen (tr. SR), Lucas Cox (tr. SR), Preston Lyons (tr. JR)/Richard Watson (rs SO)
  • WR: Stephen Hill (SO), Daniel McKayhan (rs SO)
  • WR: Kevin Cone (tr. SR), Tyler Melton (JR)
  • LT: Phil Smith (rs SO), Nick Claytor (rs JR)
  • LG: Will Jackson (rs FR), Nick McRae (rs SO)
  • C: Sean Bedford (rs SR), Jay Finch (rs FR)
  • RG: Omoregie Uzzi (rs SO), Ray Beno (rs FR)
  • RT: Austin Barrick (rs SR), Zach Krish (rs SR)
Notes: CPJ has said we will use two offensive line units versus South Carolina State. True freshman Synjyn Days will quarterback the scout team. I have Kevin Cone currently ahead of Tyler Melton because Melton has missed significant time with injury & remains out of practice. Melton will be the third wide receiver. BJ Bostic is the only true freshman that will play on the offensive side of the ball.

  • DE: Jason Peters (rs JR), Euclid Cummings (rs FR), Robert Hall (rs SR)
  • NT: Logan Walls (rs JR), Ben Anderson (rs SR), TJ Barnes (rs SO)
  • DE: Izaan Cross (SO), Emmanuel Dieke (rs FR)
  • Will: Anthony Egbuniwe (tr SR), Jeremiah Attaochu (FR)
  • Jack: Brandon Watts (rs FR), Julian Burnett (SO)
  • Mike: Brad Jefferson (SR), Kyle Jackson (rs SO)
  • Sam: AT Barnes (rs SR), Steven Sylvester (JR)
  • CB: Mario Butler (SR), Louis Young (FR)
  • S: Isaiah Johnson (FR) / Mario Edwards (tr. SR)
  • S: Cooper Taylor (rs SO), Jerrard Tarrant (rs JR)
  • CB: Domonique Reese (SR), Rod Sweeting (SO)
Defense Notes: three true freshman have made the two deep: Isaiah Johnson, Jeremiah Attaochu, & Louis Young. Expect a pretty even rotation between Johnson, Taylor, & Edwards at safety. Nickel back has yet to be decided with Tarrant, Michael Peterson, & Louis Young all in the mix.

Special Teams:

KR: Orwin Smith, Daniel McKayhan, BJ Bostic
PR: Jerrard Tarrant
P: Chandler Anderson (rs JR) / Sean Poole (rs FR) - too close to call right now
K: Scott Blair (SR), Justin Moore (FR)
LS: Tyler Morgan (SO)
H: Chandler Anderson

That's a wrap.....


  1. Hash,

    I've got a Random question for you. I've been following the UNC investigation for quite some time and it appears that this will go on throughout the 2010 season. Do you think Greg Little and Marvin Austin will be allowed to play in the midst of this investigation? I'm not one to usually pull for the worst, but, I'd be lying if I said I wanted Greg Little to be lining up against our secondary this season. Your thoughts?

  2. The next time you see Austin & Little playing football will be on an ESPN replay or in an NFL uniform. No worries there.

  3. I don't think UNC will play those players in fear of vacating the games if those players are later found ineligible by the NCAA.