Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes Indeed.....

Spenser Hall, he of EDSBS fame, took a look at the 2010 college football season and gave us 100 predictions/things to think about. Some highlights:

"73. Frank Beamer will open up Bud Foster's lunchpail. Inside: a peanut butter sandwich, a thermos full of coffee, a cookie, and the same two losses Virginia Tech always piles up due to their perennially anemic offense. "

"44. Georgia has no reason to do anything but throw the ball 15 times a game and run the daylights out of Caleb King and Washaun Ealey, especially given their deep and experienced offensive line. "

43. They will do exactly the opposite of this, and will lose again to Florida in Jacksonville.

40. Georgia Tech will win the ACC again this year. Paul Johnson will celebrate by cut-blocking ACC Commissioner John Swofford on the award podium in front of a screaming crowd of hundreds just because he can.

"34. Miami QB Jacory Harris will have a spectacular season provided he can overcome his inner Rex Grossman, since Harris does tend to have a "F--- it, I'm going deep" streak in him. "

"7. Georgia Tech running back Anthony Allen will amaze you with his flat-footed gait. He runs like a man whose feet are asleep and takes longer strides than Vince Young running hurdles, but it somehow works. Bonus points awarded for flying braids, which take a tenth of a second off all forty times."

I thought about adding some commentary but it would be superfluous at best. Bravo on a fine read, Senor Swindle.......

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