Friday, October 8, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words of Gibberish - Week Six Pic's

Last Week: 9-6 -
Total: 36-37

Hey-Hey, look who had a winning week! Now that we are near five hundred, its time to over think everything and mess it all up.

As always, pics for picks. Have a better picture, send it to us at Disagree with a pick, hit up the comments section.

Illinois +7.5 at Penn State
It feels like Vegas is daring us to take the Illinis, which feels a lot like dealing with the devil. Not sure Penn State can score on anyone, and it looks like Illinois can actually play a little defense, which is all they will need.

Baylor +1.5 at Texas Tech
T Tech has played one running team, Iowa State, and Iowa State ran for a lot of yards. Baylor runs the ball well. Also I don't think T Tech has the linebackers to keep up with Bear quarterback Robert Griffin, probably the best player on the field.
Tennessee +11.5 at Georgia
Another game that feels like Vegas is just daring me to take Tennessee, and I can't resist. Georgia's offense looks bad, even with AJ Green, and Tennessee just plays hard every week.

Cal - 7.5 vs. UCLA
I like Cal's two losses better, but honestly who knows what UCLA is at this point.

Virginia +7.5 at Georgia Tech
I just can't take Tech and that many points this year. Virginia's rushing offense isn't that great, but they are dedicated to it, which is all you need against Tech's defense. Also Virginia can throw the ball around a little. Hash took Tech by six, which sounds about right.

Michigan State +4.5 at Michigan
Denard Robinson does everything = Stop Denard Robinson and Michigan does nothing <--How do you do that?
Both teams have some close wins over questionable competition (Notre Dame), so I'll take the team that beat Wisconsin soundly, and seems to play a little defense.
North Carolina -1.5 vs. Clemson
Everyone keeps asking when is the ACC (a tough league with good balance) going to produce a standout team. That team was going to be UNC this year. Its amazing how good they are without most of their starting defense.
Carolina gets Da'Norris Searcy, a safety, back this week in time to play a Clemson passing team that has struggled passing the ball. Dabo Sweeny has benched wide receivers Xavir Dye and Brandon Clear this week.
Note: Clemson running back Andre Ellington is close to breaking CJ Spiller's school record for fewest carries to reach 1,000 yards.

Arkansas -7.5 vs. Texas A&M (game at Jerryworld)
This game may last four and a half hours
Ryan Mallet - 2nd in country in passing - 10TD and 5INT - and he played Alabama
Jerrod Johnson - 4th in country in passing - 12 TD and 8 INT
Yes Arkansas played Alabama tough, but Alabama offense couldn't really challenge secondary.
That said, Arkansas defense is way better than Okalhoma State (1110th nationally), and OK State beat A&M last week.

Florida International -8.5 vs. Western Kentucky
Both teams are Winless, but Florida International has looked competent.
FIU Losses = Rutgers by 5, Texas A&M by 7, Maryland by 14, and held in against Pitt untill 4th quarter
WKU losses = Nebraska by 39, Kentucky by 35, Indiana by 17, and South Florida by 12 (WKU scored 12 points in garbage time).
Has anyone else noticed that the WKU logo appears to be a hand swinging a red towel? WTF?

Alabama -7.5 at South Carolina
Worked last week against Florida. Why go away from it?
Love South Carolina DC Ellis Johnson. Refreshingly straight forward coach. He reminds me of a low country version of Paul Johnson. So how do you defend against Alabama? Sell out against the run on first down and hope to force Alabama into third and longs. Make Greg McLeroy beat you. That will give you chance. Just a chance.

Notre Dame -5.5 vs. Pittsburgh
Didn't Notre Dame just beat a run first team with no quarterback play last week? And I think that other team has a better offensive line.

Arizona +8.5 at Oregon State
The Beavers have been good to us this year, but I think the betting public has caught on to them. Arizona hasn't run the ball well, but it doesn't matter becaue they are really good at passing. The beavers front seven is good against the run, but they rank 100th nationally against the pass. On the other side, Arizona's defense ranks 3rd nationally.

Florida -7.5 vs. LSU
Honestly both offenses are struggling, and both defense have put up good numbers, which would suggest a low scoring game, but its a choice between the humanist rationalism of Urban Meyers, or Les Miles deal with the devil. Anything could happen in this game and I wouldn't be surprised. When in doubt, go with the guy who knows what he's doing.

Florida State +6.5 at Miami
Miami = West Coast = controled passing (good decisions) --> set up run to protect lead late in game.
(hate that approach in college)
Miami West Coast = Simplified = less motion, more variety in backfield formations, unbalanced formations to make reads easier.
Miami prefers to pass on first down (also hate that)
Miami protect with only five = FSU has to get pressure with four -->wait for Jacory Harris to throw them the ball.
Blitz Harris = unfavorable result to you
Miami Defense plays man coverage = Christian Ponder feast.
This is going to be a close game.
Stanford -7.5 vs. USC
Both teams scored 31 points last week. Stanford against Oregon. USC against Washington


  1. Good call on that UT/GEORGIA game! Tuck fech

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