Friday, October 1, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words of Giberish; Week 5 Picks

Last Week: 7-7 Alright, not showing off, not falling behind!
Total: 27-31

Once again, Pics for Picks. Got a better pic? Send it to us at Think we're wrong? Drop a line in the comments.

Tennessee +13.5 at LSU - I think Coach Precious Dooley may be the man for the job, and I think Les Miles will never cover a spread ever.

Clemson +2.5 vs. Miami - Even game, Clemson coming of a bye week, and Clemson as a home dog. like it.

Florida State +7.5 at Virginia - Mike London, it was cute, now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!

Temple -3.5 at Army - People talk about Temple right? Army still riding high off Duke victory get caught napping. What? No idea.

Navy +9.5 at Air Force - Just too many points, plus Raymond Burr in a wheel chair.

Wisconsin - 1.5 at Michigan State - Okay Wisconsin, lets see you survive another one.

Virginia Poly -3.5 at North Carolina State - I think VPI&SU may have figured things out finally.

Oklahoma -3.5 vs. Texas - Our suspicions about Texas were proven correct by UCLA last week. Side note. Barry Switzer introduced us to the term "Lack of Institutional Control". Why is it considered colorful to break the rules to the detriment of the public welfare? That's just college football.
Oregon State -4.5 vs. Arizona State - Oregon State has paid twice this year, lets role with them again. Think they are still undervalued by public. Two losses, but two losses to top ten teams.
Wake Forest +9.5 vs. Georgia Tech - No way we are taking Tech as a favorite in any game with a spread greater than three this year. Just not happening. P.S. before being named the Demon Deacons, Wake Forest teams went by "The Baptists".
Georgia -3.5 at Colorado - I'll take the team whose coach doesn't owe his job security to the Athletic Associations lack of funds.
Notre Dame +2.5 at Boston College - BC just benched their starting Quarterback and suffered a shut-out loss.
Alabama +8.5 vs. Florida - Last week was just bad enough to allow Nick Saban to rip his team for a week. The Tide should come out firing on all cylinders. Woe unto you opposing quarterback.
Stanford +6.5 at Oregon - Really? Six and a half points? Seems a bit much. Particularly as I think Stanford has played slightly better competition and also scores a ton. Not a point a minute, but a tone none the less.

Penn State +7.5 at Iowa - Joe Pa isn't out of touch. He throws gang signs just like the kids. A seven and a half point spread in the Big Ten? Might as well just make it a billion.


  1. Seven and a half points in the Big Ten? I thought that was the over/under...

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