Sunday, October 10, 2010

UVA Snapshot(s).....


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  4. Four others you may want to note are:
    & 4

    1, for not giving up after playing Les Miles atrociously on the first couple drives, for being on the hands team, and for an Oscar level range of emotions...

    2, for 190+ yards & 3 Touches...  If you had a slightly higher top gear, you'd have had 300 & 5 Touches, but I won't complain after that performance. 

    3, for showing up and opening up the field.  I love the fact that our pass offense is now going more to slant and wheel routes and isn't automatically the home run ball...  Glad to see you pick up some key catches.  The passing game in general has improved by leaps and bounds over what it was...

    & 4, for a marked improvement over the last couple games...

    Lastly, these guys for taking enough off each others plates to make halftime adjustments...  And for a classy showing after the game...  Harrumpghs all around to you fine sirs.

    That said, the roadgraders deserve the lion share of the credit.

    If we could finish a freaking drive on offense, we would be a very formidable opponent.  We should have won by 50, but I'll take it.  It is very good to see that the offense started clicking. The defense looked very sharp against better competition.  The season is starting to look up.  I am very glad we control our own destiny.  I still could see us losing to VT, Miami, Clemson, and UGA...  But I could also see us winning out...  

    It's good to be a Yellow Jacket!!!