Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words of Gibberish - Early Eddition - They Called Him "Sundown"!?

Week 6 - 7-8
Week 7 - 8-6
Total - 51-51

Damn we are close to making some money. Out of town again this weekend, so we're going to get the picks out of the way early. As always, each pick is accompanied by a picture that encapsulates the essence of that football program. Got a better pick? then send it to us at Don't understand a picture or think we're wrong, drop a us line in the comments section.

Before getting into the picks I'd like to bring up one thing that's been on my mind. I watched Top Gun last night, because I'm a man over thirty, love jet planes, and find the sexual confusion of the mid-eighties infinitely entertaining, and you know what I learned? I learned the black guy's call sign was "Sundown". Really!? Sundown! In a movie where a character's call sign sums up his, or her personality, the black guy is called "Sundown".

The Crazy guy who does things his own way, and won't toe the line = Maverick
The guy who never makes a mistake, flies like he has ice water in his veins = Ice Man
Hermaphroditic bottom bitch who is always there with a hug and good advice = Goose
the Black Guy = Sundown. Why not just name him "Midnight"!

PS - Same actor played the computer terrorist in Die Hard, one of my favorite bit parts of all time.

Ain't history a hoot! Anyway, on to the picks, and remember, there is no reasoning, just rationalizing.

Navy +6.5 vs. Notre Dame - The Irish barely covered against Pitt, and I feel like Navy can cover this at home.
UNC +6.5 at Miami - Yes please, sign me up! First rule of gambling, always take Tyler Yates on the road. He just wins.
Georgia Tech +5.5 at Clemson - Lets just be clear about this. We are taking the Jackets to cover, not to win outright. These games are always close.
Iowa -5.5 vs. Wisconsin - Wisconsin fans understand its a two part er; drunk AND disorderly. Being drunk only gets you half credit. The Badgers won't have the home field advantage this week.

Penn State -9.5 at Minnesota - At this point the line can't be high enough. Also, am I the only guy that finds this picture of Jo Pa entrancing?

Northwestern+6.5 vs. Michigan State - Two many points I think.

Rutgers +12.5 at Pitt - Really, are you going to take Pitt -12.5? I didn't think so.

Kansas State +7.5 at Baylor - Mid-level Big 12 battle needs to be a closer spread.

Oklahoma -3.5 at Missouri - Hope you enjoyed the ride Missouri, its over. P.S. evidently I hate Oklahoma. Why else would I use this picture over and over again? I was never aware of this hatred, but I'm cool with it.

Nebraska -5.5 at Oklahoma State - Huskers fall down go boom! That was last week. Oklahoma State is overrated.

Arizona -7.5 vs. Washington - Just not ready to buy into Washington.

Alabama -16.5 at Tennessee - Vegas knows Tennessee is going to loose, and probably badly, so they are begging us to take Tennessee. Don't do it.

LSU +5.5 at Auburn - Doesn't Auburn's defense seem like the perfect dancing partner for Les Miles. That dance floor is on fire and less is drinking gas and vodka martinis!

Georgia -3.5 at Kentucky - Kentucky has played well, but I think Georgia is different team with AJ Green in the mix.

Texas Tech -1.5 at Colorado - You take Dan Mullins. I'm not.

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