Friday, October 1, 2010

Georgia Tech, Be a Honey Badger

I may only weigh thirty pounds, but that's thirty pounds of unstoppable crazy!

Swarm of killer bee's? Fuck it!

Cobra? Your mine!

Cobra in a Tree? Your mine also!

Monitor lizard, you want to eat me? Screw you, I eat you!

Pride of lions? I'll eat your testicles and let you bleed to death.

What, there's thirty miles of desert between you and me? Doesn't matter, I'm coming for you!

You underground? Doesn't matter, I'll dig you up! I'll dig up half the damn desert if I have to.

Jackals, you want my half dead marmot? Well back the fuck off, that's my half dead marmot.

Yo! Puff Adder, what you got there? an egg? No you don't that's my egg. Fuck it, I'm still hungry. I'm going to eat you now. Poison don't kill me, its just helps me mellow out so I can catch some sleep.

Other badger, you're cool, but keep your distance, and keep your hands where I can see them.

Yeah, that's what I want to see out of Georgia Tech this Saturday. Twenty four hour terror machine.


  1. Solid shit there...blazed up to recover from last night and just lost it. We need to lay an ass whipping down like the honey badger,...enough of this "win one/lose one" crap

  2. Nice to get the win, but certainly not Honey Badger style... Nice video though. We need our O and D Lines to channel this thing from now on.