Monday, October 18, 2010

Right On Time......

(via Smart Football)

While Frank & I were away this weekend, Chris Brown of Smart Football was hard at work cranking out a timely post on the midline option, a staple in our offense. Two really great cut-ups of the midline in the article, one from the 2008 Miami game & the other from CPJ's time at Navy. It's very timely as we used the midline extensively in the second half of last year's regular season game against Clemson; it's essentially the play that won us the game as they simply couldn't adjust fast enough. I expect we'll see it again this year as Clemson features the ACC's best defensive tackle duo in Jarvis Jenkins & Brandon Thompson.
Speaking of Clemson, we'll have a Q&A with the football savants over at Shakin the Southland later on this week. Along with the aforementioned Mr. Brown, these guys provide some of the best pure football X's & O's content anywhere on the web. In the meantime, they take a look at the disparity in recruiting between Tech & Clemson over the last several years.Clearly the "services" rank Clemson's classes higher than ours. I think there are two appropriate questions here: 1) are the services an accurate reflection of talent, & 2) if so, even marginally, are we clearly are doing more with less? Seems to me that coaching has to play into it somewhere but the games have been so close over the last several years I'm not sure what conclusion to draw.

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