Saturday, March 20, 2010

Angus Dominico’s…And Other Fine things

Angus Dominico is the alias used by a personal friend of Hash and Frank's to protect the innocent and the guiltly. He is as sophisticated as he is powerful.

Pont du Bier, France

I’m Angus Dominico and I appreciate chaos.

That’s why I appreciate the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Men’s Basketball Tournament. It satisfies my need for chaos while Collegiate American Football is on hiatus. Chaos is not the result of man’s folly. No, it is the force that creates folly. No matter how simple the chain of events, chaos drives the results towards the inexplicable. Chaos is what widdles the field of sixty four down. Of course, for the most part, the higher seeds slip through to the latter rounds, but which high seed will fall, that is the choice of Chaos and its minions.

I salute you Tennessee

You are not a finely tuned basketball machine. No, you are the anti-Duke. Your complete disregard for any tactics beyond “everyone run around like your hair is on fire for 40 minutes” proves the maxim “Quantity has a Quality all its own".

I salute you Ohio University

Your name causes constant confusion with Ohio State, Miami of Ohio, and through the transitive property Miami of Florida. You proved the regular season does not matter in collegiate basketball by destroying a traditional basketball poser.

Shalom Murray State, I salute you

You come from some dark corner of Kentucky known for soil grown rich with hard work and the blood of outsiders. You showed those townie Commodores.

I salute you Ishmail Smith, Wake Forest Point Guard

The way you throw yourself into the air with no idea what you are going to do with the ball reminds me of a rubber bullet fired off a concrete ceiling in a room filled with 50% child molesters, and 50% nuns.

I salute you Cornell

Bon Homme!

And I salute you Bobby Morris

For never giving up the ship.

Now I’m off to watch the evening’s festivities.

I’m Angus Dominico and when people ask me “Monsignor Dominico, why are you wearing a tuxedo in a sports bar.” I say, “because I appreciate chaos . . . and other fine things”

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