Friday, March 26, 2010

A Couple Brief Notes.....

This work thing is getting onerous. Oh lottery, wherefore art thou? Some brief news & notes:
  • Tech picked up our second commitment of 2011 yesterday when running back Quartterrio Morgan of Mt. Zion-Joneboro pledged to the Jackets. A dynamic runner with almost 3,000 yards in high school after his junior season, Morgan will play either A or B back, depending on his size, team needs, etc....Welcome to the Flats, sir....
  • Playhouse, Work Shed? Whatever the use, this is truly epic.....Someone must know this person. If so, please contact us so that 1) we may buy them a brown liquor drink, & 2) we can steal the "T". (h/t: acowa @ The Hive)
Fine work, & true dedication.....
Enjoy the weekend......


  1. Filling some space...dudes I love the new header pic.

  2. T-shirts are on the way.....Hopefully will get everything ready to go by next week.

  3. It beats the hell out of a ceramic bulldog, one of which is currently postioned in front of my childhood home. I don't know who the new owner is, but its sad to see a good neighborhood go down hill.


  4. The mini tech tower is actually a play house and it was a raffle prize from some company that makes these pimped out play houses. Pretty much it is the coolest thing i have ever seen. They teamed up with the school of architecture to make it pretty authentic. Below is a write-up on it,

    "The playhouse includes a lookout tower, which can be accessed from the inside via a ladder leading to a loft. The addition of a bay window provides youngsters a place to sit, play, read or enjoy a nap. The interior emphasizes the school’s official colors of “old gold and white” accented with navy blue, and the décor is complete with Georgia Tech accessories and memorabilia.

    The interior also showcases a great amount of woodwork, including a wooden fireplace surround, custom-built bookcases, a storage bench, beaded board paneling and hardwood floors. The bookcases, coupled with a game table and chalkboard represent two important aspects of a future Yellow Jacket’s life – studying and playing! A flat screen television and DVD player are found above the faux fireplace and, as a special treat, the fireplace hides a secret door."

  5. Allison,
    Thanks so much for the info! A DVD & flatscreen? I'm ready to move in. Where can we get one?