Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Friday Five.....

An interesting week for sure as the NFL wrapped up the Combine in Indianapolis while Jaybo Shaw's transfer became official. Mass paranoia continued on the big three Tech message boards as the Jackets have yet to land a commitment for the class of 2011. Holy Hell, Batman, at this rate we'll sign no one in 2011! Pack up the plantation, folks, we might as well just begin to forfeit all our games beginning this year. The angst! Some thoughts as we wring our hands & ponder the impending doom of our beloved program:
  • The NFL Combine concluded Tuesday with mixed results for our four invitees. BayBay didn't participate in any drills as he recovers from his broken foot. Too bad, he most likely would have helped himself. Derrick Morgan was, well, Derrick Morgan; steady, fundamentally sound, and reliable. He certainly didn't hurt himself in Indy. The jury's out on Jon Dwyer's Combine performance. His measurables weren't great & according to many he looked a little "soft" around the midsection. Reviews on his performance during drills were mixed. We're afraid the Diesel's status may have dropped a bit. Morgan Burnett was hampered by a hamstring strain and only participated in interviews & the bench press, where he completed 16 reps (at #225), a most respectable showing. Morgan will hopefully be able to run at Tech's pro day on March 15. The more we think about the draft the more convinced we are that Burnett will be drafted early & have a stellar career. You heard it here, folks. To all those that blasted Uno for leaving early, we'll be sure & remind you of your stance when the draft is complete.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house, back comes former Tech corner Reuben Houston. The gift that keeps on giving. Be a hell of a lawyer who could wrangle him back on the team this time. Nothing like the Feds hunting your ass. Houston's is a sad story littered with poor choices & missed opportunities. It's a shame.....
Have you seen this man????
  • Just in case you are amongst the group that feels the end is nigh because we've reached March of 2010 without a commitment, you'll be pleased to know Andy McCollum, our new recruiting coordinator, is hard at work. We're angling for bigger fish this year. The big uns ain't nearly as plentiful & the waters be infested with other mean & nasty predators. Fear not, we shall land a few whoppers & turn a few minnows into sharks of our own.
  • If this interview is any indication, redshirt sophomore T.J. Barnes is looking to contribute at nose guard this season & has a new sense of purpose under the auspices of coaches Groh & McCollum. Keep running, get your pads low, & stay away from the buffet, big fella. We need you this year....
  • Finally, a watershed announcement. April 24th is the T-day spring game & frankly we can barely wait. What in the world could make that hallowed day any better? Why only one thing: Hall & Oates. That's right, I said it: Darryl Hall & John Oates. Live & in concert, BITCHES. Is there any other way to end a perfect spring football Saturday? Hell no! The smooth stylings & dulcet tones of those two troubadours will make the 24th of April a day & night to remember. A few cocktails, an afternoon at Bobby Dodd, the unveling of our new 3-4 defense; and "Maneater". Or maybe "Kiss is on my List". Oooh, don't forget "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)". We can hardly wait.....Private Eyes, their watching you.....better have your ass at that show after the game....After a day devoted to the manly pursuit of football, what better way to thank that lovely lady in your life? WELCOME TO THE PLAYAZ BALL, LADIES!!!!

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