Monday, March 22, 2010

Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full.......

The F/A-18 fly over before the Wake Forest game was probably the coolest non-football moment of last season. Complete bad-assery. We remember watching them coming from a distance & as they passed by & out of the stadium thinking, "damn, that was loud & they were really low! Imagine if they were releasing ordnance on us?" It was hot, by any standard.

It looks like we were correct in our assessment: they were really low, too low for the Navy's liking in fact. So low that two Tech alums, Lt Cmdr. Marc Fryman & Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Conlon, have been permanently grounded by the Navy. We think this sucks. But the Navy doesn't care what we think. Being that The Barrel "family" includes a former Admiral amongst its ranks, we'll refrain from any stupid pronouncements that will only serve to display our ignorance of all things Navy. Suffice it to say we thought the fly-over rocked & are bummed for the two Tech men who now feel the consequences.

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