Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inside Paul Johnson's Soul

Stealing an idea from The Seventh Floor, we slipped into Paul Johnson's soul as passive voyeurs and recorded the results. How? By combining tantric massage, a stuffed and mounted wombat, a sandwich bag full of methamphetamines and a sheet of acid, that's how. The resulting time lapse video documents the images of Paul Johnson's soul. The weird thing is, even though we only blacked out for an instant, there's almost five seconds of video.


  1. I hear his entire offensive scheme is based on squirrels with lightsabres after tripping on a combo of NC-hillbilly moonshine and haunted pop tarts.

  2. Somewhere, deep down in the dark corners of CPJ's brain, there's an image of him chop blocking nude Playboy Bunnies coated in oil while Frank Beamer, dressed in maroon leather, gagged, & chained to a wall, watches helplessly, all the while fuming at his inabilty to A)whine & B) score hot babes like CPJ. During this entire sequence Liz Phair's classic "Fuck & Run" plays loudly on the stereo, underscoring CPJ's two great loves in life. Somewhere deep down Walker Percy & Faulkner heartily approve. That's all....