Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't Even Think......

about throwing a snowball at starting Syracuse running back Delone Carter. And God forbid you're even around when someone does, because this is what happens:

Syracuse student William Hotaling after Delone Carter worked him over

Ironicaly, Hotaling didn't even throw the snowball at the car that Carter & teammate Ryan Gillum were driving; it was someone else who fled before Carter had a chance to smash their face in. But what's really a tragedy is the way Carter has been treated. Poor, poor Delone Carter, being persecuted after damn near decapitating someone. According to Carter's attorney, George Raus, he & Gillum were taken off the practice field in handcuffs in front of teammates in what what clearly "an intimidation tactic". The travesty. Why the fuck don't they just throw him a parade? I mean really, arresting him in front of others after he beat the snot out of Hotaling in public. The gall of the Syracuse campus police. (By the way, the assault is on video in case you were wondering how they know it was Carter & Co.).

What's really important is that Syracuse will have Carter available this season after he struck a deal with school officials to return to campus. Carter has been suspended for the Spring & summer semesters, a great hardship according to his attorney Raus. "It's going to be hard on him". Indeed, Carter will not have the use of normally provided athletic tutors & will have to make up the incompletes on his transcript caused by his suspension. Carter will also perform 200 hours of community service. Poor, poor Delone Carter. A stiff price to pay for damn near decapitating someone. But we admire his dedication to a squad that went 4-8 a year ago. We anxiously await disciplinary action from Syracuse head coach (& former Tech assistant) Doug Marrone; we'll put the over/under at the first half of the first meaningless game.....

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