Monday, April 5, 2010

What to do......

I feel duty bound to write about the "mischief" going on up 316. First, it's easy pickens' & taking potshots at our rival is always fun. Second, Georgia fans will head over, defend their honor, & drive up the blog stats, which is good. Thirdly, the Blutarsky fellow that writes that Georgia blog will accuse me of "loutishness" again, something I revel in. Raconteur & lout, apt descriptors of a man such as myself. But I just can't get motivated. It's not special anymore when a UGA football player runs afoul of the law, it's simply par for the course. So Montez Robinson has been dismissed from the team. At least we don't have to face him this year. And we're waiting to hear what the hell if anything actually happened in a taxi late night last week in Athens. Until then, stay safe (away from Athens) & secure in the knowledge that the status quo remains regarding UGA football & the law......


  1. 30-24!!

    Preemptive UGA fan post about his penile length-girth.

  2. When you have nothing else, comparative hypocrisy always seems to work well. I suggest raising the bar a little bit. I know, let's talk about Tech superiority in all things engineering.

    What's the difference between Cheerios and Georgia Tech?

    Cheerios belong in a bowl.....

    The Senator asked me to stop in and say "hi".

    See ya in November.....

    Site-meter +1