Friday, April 23, 2010

Thoughts on Round One of the NFL Draft.....

For the first time since 1979, when Eddie Lee Ivery was chosen #15 by the Packers & Kent Hill was picked #26 by the Rams, the Jackets have had two players selected in the first round of the NFL draft. First off, congratulations to new Titan Derrick Morgan & new Bronco BayBay Thomas on their impending wealth & careers. Well deserved for both players. Some thoughts on their selections & new homes:

A picture of Derrick Morgan from BayBay's Twitter page as they head to the draft. Our only disappointment? No bowtie. Dance with the one that brung ya', my man.
  • Derrick Morgan is a perfect fit in Tennessee. With the departure of a VERY similar player in Kyle Vanden Bosch, the Titans have an immediate opening for Derrick to step in & contribute from day one. With a coach in Jeff Fisher who values hard work & effort, Morgan should be a natural fit as a Titan.
BayBay kickin' it on the bus on the way to Radio City Music Hall
  • BayBay Thomas as the first receiver off the board! Who woulda' thunk? It's gratifying on so many levels to see #8 succeed. First, he's overcome so much in his personal life to get to yesterday; you can't underestimate his desire. Second, he stuck it out at Tech. As we've said many times, BayBay ignored the Paul Johnson critics when coach was hired & decided to stick with the program & simply play hard. There's a lesson here. So why can't BayBay be the next Brandon Marshall? Because he's smarter than Marshall & not a self-aggrandizing ass. We look for big things from #8 in Denver.
The drafting of BayBay as the first receiver off the board in the 2010 NFL draft should be a great boon to our program. No longer can opposing coaches negatively recruit against us, telling future wide receivers that they will never play in the NFL if they come to Tech. We now have proof that if you play WR well in our offense, the NFL will find you & do so sooner rather than later. How ya' like that, Butch Davis? Good luck to Morgan Burnett & Jon Dwyer as they hopefully get drafted tonight. And I was right about Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind......ESPN must have played it 150 times last night.......

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