Friday, April 30, 2010

File Under "Ill Advised".....

It's clear to anyone who imbibes frequently that drinking begets it's own logic; things that would otherwise seem outlandish & even stupid become routine & greatly desired. From "sure, I'll have another Irish Car Bomb" to "dude, there's not that much traffic, you can make it across" to "damn, she looks better than the last time I saw her", our logic clearly changes when drunk, whether we admit it or not. What's Notre Dame's excuse for this? A 73 day gin & peyote bender? There's little commentary needed but if you're so inclined Spencer Hall at EDSBS & Matt Hinton at Dr. Saturday have things well under control. The artist known as Freakbass.......white people "dancing", rosy cheeked Midwestern girls, a rapping dwarf in a marching band outfit, Mike Golic....... I could go on all day. Suffice it to say, "you ARE Notre Dame" and we count our blessings every day we are not.....
(h/t: EDSBS)


  1. maybe they should have gotten two spindly nerds to lay down some girly rap love for their football team.!

    The Village People would mock this. Physicians, heal thyselves.

  2. We're painfully aware of the GTG's & have ridiculed & flogged them mercilessly in this blog & elsewhere. We've come to terms with our white rappers & are content with their videos, Lamborghini's & all. We've got a new horse we can now beat to death....Embrace it, don't fight it, you know you want to.....