Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Back...

Get out of town, or at least stay off the roads, once again Atlanta will be over run with health conscious, middle class, white collar workers, just hanging out in the street "running" and getting in the way of civilized society who just wants to get over to the Dogwood Festival and buy an old saw with a "Joy of Painting" landscape on the side of it to hang in the mud room. Jesus, why doesn't the city do something about those degenerates. All those white people out there, running, and drinking their lattes and smoking pot, and getting waived into their favorite gastro-pubs by friendly police officers. They're a menace!

Just kidding... Freaknic (ifreaknik) is back!

See you all at the Pi Mile. We're the designated enforcer for the Georgia Tech Crew Alumni. Other people can run fast, we're going to spend 3.14 miles hip checking skinny bastards onto the curb!
Have a good weekend all.

* What part of Freaknic, don't you understand?


  1. God bless Bob Ross. After the Varsity there is no better cure after a hard night's carousing than a couple hours in front of the TV watching that man paint "happy little trees right over there by the happy little stream" . You sir, have brought a tear to my eye for an age gone by.....
    I guess we'll see you after the scrimmage. Ahh, the things we do for love....


  2. For the record I have also polished the rims on my ride, cued up the Gucci Mane on my Ipod, & am ready to kick it downtown this weekend. You get security for the crew alumni Saturday morning, I get security for the Atlanta Roller Girls that night. We're some securing Hombres this weekend, Frank....


  3. And we're securing the hotel room in New Orleans on a Friday night! Whee! Shoot me. -Mayor McJeez