Friday, September 10, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words of Gibberish

Last Week 6-8
Year - 6-8
Moral - Never bet on what 18-23 year-olds will do.

As always, picks are accompanied by appropriate imagery. Please feel free to suggest other images as we are making this up as we go. hit us up at Also feel free to correct us in the comments section, since you're so damn smart.

West Virginia -12.5 at Marshall
Duke +4.5 at Wake Forest
Georgia Tech -13.5 at Kansas
Georgia +2.5 at South Carolina
Hawaii +2.5 at Army
California -8.5 vs. Colorado
Florida State -7.5 at Oklahoma
Michigan +3.5 at Notre Dame
Miami +9.5 at Ohio State
Air Force Even vs. Brigham Young
Vanderbilt +9.5 vs. LSU
Penn State +9.5 at Alabama
Oregon -12.5 at Tennessee
North Carolina State +3.5 at Central Florida
Stanford -6.5 at UCLA

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