Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Mark May Likes Rough Trade" Week 2 Blogpoll Ballot

Frank uttered the above after watching Lou & MayDay on Monday afternoon. Can't say I disagree. Some brief thoughts on the method to our madness:
  • Go 3000 miles across the country & play a "Big Six" conference favorite basically in their own backyard in the first game of the year & you deserve to be #1. Yes, we have issues with the "Stay Puff Marshmellow" schedule. But right now Boise State has the best win in the country & deserves some credit.
  • Did you know that Pellini in Sicilian means "angry pack of red shirted defenders?". It does, trust us. We said pre-season if Nebraska finds any semblance of an offense they could be very good. QB Taylor Martinez qualified as a semblance of an offense this week.....
  • We had Texas #1 last week. They still can't run the ball & have already changed starting tailbacks. We dinged 'em this week.....
  • Florida played 15 true freshmen last weekend. Florida's center is a senior. They'll get that whole QB-center thing worked out......maybe.....
  • Dropped Virginia Polly four spots; love the fact they took on a tough foe & they deserve credit for that. But offensive coordinator Brian Stinespring is brutally bad. Does he use a random number generator to call plays or simply pick them out of a hat? No rhyme nor reason to Stinespring's offensive attack......
  • Hey, we had Utah in our top 25 last week. And they beat Pitt & the Wannstache, who proved once again that coaching in the NFL makes you one of the most risk averse people on the planet. Utes deserve their spot this week. Pitt drops ten spots. No QB & a ten spot penalty for chicken shittedness AKA "playing not to win"
  • The ol' Ball Coach has his charges in the top 25 this week after a nice opening night win. This is highly likely to change with the erratic behavior of QB/party boy Steverino Garcia. Enjoy it while it lasts......
What say you?


  1. Tech & UGA (while similar) don't deserve to move as LAMo or whoever UGA played wasn't as good as SCState, regardless of their level... Moving in the polls based off beatdown of tackling dummies is silly.

    Granted, I will say that Tech doesn't deserve to move either...

    I'm intrigued by the USC/UGA game. As much as been said about Garcia, he played really well on Thursday. Comperable to Yates against LSU.

  2. For the most part, this is still just a random list of names. Its a ruber duck race. If your team moves up or down a point or two its simply because they caght the main flow of the stream for a minute or two, They will quickly re join the back.

    A general rule of thumb I use is it takes at least three games against top 50 apponents before you really understand a team. I guaranttee we will be forced to re-evaluate the results of week one in the extreme in a month or so.