Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rooting Interests, Week 2

ACC extends relevance for one week! Hurray for personal bests!

Sure it would have been perfect if Virginia Poly would have beaten Boise, but 10-2 with your only losses being a depleted UNC team losing by six to LSU and Number 10 Virginia Poly losing by 3 to Number 3 is a good, solid weekend. It’s not like the ACC took it on the chin against Jacksonville State.

Week Two sets up to be HUGE!

Rooting interests you may ask?

Florida State and Miami

Cue HMS Pinafore!

If Miami or Florida State beat Ohio State or Oklahoma this weekend the ACC will officially have a serious BCS champion contender. With the garbage Tech is facing out of conference (UGA excepted…truth) Tech needs other ACC teams to do well out of conference to drive up the profile of the conference. Florida State has the better chance as they face a Willie Martinez led Oklahoma secondary that gave up 340 yards of passing to Utah State. Christian Ponder is going to light…them…up…

The NCAA to continue to play havoc with betting lines
We enjoy chaos at the Barrel. Marvin Austin’s butterfly wing flap of a twitter post continues to drop Monsoons of chaos as Alabama Defensive End Marcell Dareous will finish out his two game suspension by sitting out the Penn State vs. Alabama tilt this weekend. For the record, that’s Alabama vs. the part of Alabama that separates Pittsburgh from Philadelphia.

Billy Joe Tupelo and His Cow Bell

All hail the return of America’s Vuvuzela . Cow bells will be a ringing Thursday night in Starkville, MS despite the SEC’s attempts to silence the beast simply because it has the seizure inducing powers of a Japanese Cartoon. The latest attempt at satiating people who have nothing to live for but ring a bell at a college football game is to ask them to ring the bell only at appropriate times. Mississippi State Fan interprets “appropriate time” to be from now until whenever the hell you get your ass back across the state line, Auburn Fan.


  1. The memory of the Mississippi State-Auburn tilt from two years ago that ended 3-2 when Will Clark flied out to short.....holy shit that was the worst offensive display ever. Even the memory makes me nauseous and I could care less who won. At least we know with Mullen & Malzhan at the control we'll see a couple TD's......

  2. This is by far my favorite Tech blog. Keep up the good work with the game predictions!