Friday, September 17, 2010

Fifteen Thousand Words of Gibberish - Reverse Jinx, Jinx, You Owe Me a Coke!

Last week= 7-8

Interesting story about why live wolves in a stadium full of loud noises and delicious slow moving children just won't work, so now its just a dog. On to the picks. As always, if you have an image you think fits a team, let us know at

Nevada +3.5 vs. California. Viva El Pistole!

Arkansas +2.5 at Georgia

North Carolina +2.5 vs. Georgia Tech
Tulsa +7.5 at Oklahoma State
Northwestern -6.5 at Rice
Maryland +13.5 at West Virginia- Crab Cakes and Football!!!
Florida State -9.5 vs. Brigham Young
Mississippi State +8.5 at LSU

USC -14.5 at Minnesota

Nebraska -4.5 at Washington

Tennessee +16.5 vs. Florida

Auburn -5.5 vs. Clemson - TigerEagle solves all mascot problems!

Michigan State +2.5 vs. Notre Dame

Texas -3.5 at Texas Tech

Iowa -1.5 at Arizona

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  1. Dog vs cat, it is the best picture and it represent quite accurate the game Michigan vs Notre Dame