Friday, September 24, 2010

Fourteen Thousand Words of Gibberish - Week 4 Picks -

Last Week = 8-7
Year = 20-24

Don't like a picture, send us a better one at Don't like a pick, let us know in the comments section. Chances are we agree.

NC State +8.5 at Georgia Tech - I'm not saying NC State will win, but Tech doesn't have the D to be favored by this much.

Virginia Poly -3.5 at Boston College - I'm just under rating BC like everyone else in the world.

Florida International +10.5 at Maryland - Panthers played Texas Agriculture and Mining close, and Maryland should never be favored by this much. Plus, excuse to use picture of Isiah Thomas.

Kansas State -10.5 vs. Central Florida - why not.

Alabama -6.5 at Arkansas - Sell Arkansas stock know, they will never be higher

Stanford -3.5 at Notre Dame - Am I missing something. Stanford is killing people. Notre Dame is 1-2.

Idaho -7.5 at Colorado State - Colorado State was destroyed by Colorado, thus Colorado State is very, very bad.

Nevada - 2.5 at Brigham Young - BYU hasn't covered in two weeks. No reason to think they can do it this week against el pistole.

Georgia +1.5 at Mississippi State - Just think the the general betting public is down on Georgia and Mississippi State has no offense. (I hate this pick)

Fresno State -1.5 at Mississippi-Loose to Jacksonville State and Vanderbilt, then be favored against a Fresno State team that beat Utah and Cincinnati, what?

South Carolina -2.5 at Auburn - Betting last week against Clemson took too much out of TigerEagles.
Oregon State -16.5 at Boise State - Love Boise, but Oregon State deserves more respect than that. They played TCU tough

LSU -6.5 vs. West Virginia - Surprisingly, there are lots of houses in Louisiana painted Purple and Yellow. LSU just keeps winning ugly, and I suspect they are actually improving.

Arizon -6.5 vs. California - Actually, that number is too big, but I've already uploaded the picture.


  1. Got it, Akron's your lock of the week. Thanks.

  2. Yeah, I'd agree with the fact that BC is way underrated. They really did a number on Kent St with that 13 pt victory, and absolutely DOMINATED Weber St by 18. They have that one QB that I hear can throw, and maybe a RB or TE or waterboy or something....but trust me, they really are better than everyone thinks.

  3. Akron's a 22 1/2 point dog against Indidan. you know, just for you true degenerates out their


  4. The only thing standing in the way of Boise State playing for the national championship game is getting past Oregon State this weekend, and then having a couple of the top teams like Texas or Alabama lose games.

  5. Well, It looks like there aren't a better picture. but I have to say that it is quite an original picture.