Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rooting Interests - Week Three - Power Ballad

class="MsoNormal">Fucking Duhhhhhhh!

2-Lucas Cox to “Line up in a place we ain’t never put him”

No idea what this means, but tickle me pink, I’m excited. Punt return? Linebacker? Shortstop? CFO? On an elephant coming over the Alps? CPJ has plans and I’m shaking my hands like a toddler eating ice cream.

3-Robert Godhigh and Marcus Wright

To get lots of snaps and cut block like Hobbit Lumberjacks. ITTY-BITTY A-BACKS THAT LOVE TO BLOCK! ITTY-BITTY A-BACKS THAT LOVE TO BLOCK!

4-IBEW Local 613

5-Can’t recommend this list enough

6-Duke vs. Alabama

Its not a crash if you can walk away from it. It’s a landing. That’s your standard for this weekend Blue Devils

7-Wake vs. Stanford

Same applies to you Wake

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