Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kansas 28 - Tech 25

Applicable to our entire conference, I'm afraid.....


  1. The whole conference did it... Wow! Normally I can find something redeeming in a 9 game slate, but not this weekend. Any progress in national respect vaporized in 12 short hours...

    At least we'll be given a reprieve in-state, because they looked worse than we did.

  2. Yeah, the ACC needs to really figure it out for the rest of the year. Don't think that we can afford another out of conference loss.

    No excuses for the performance, but in the pre-game interview with CPJ he mentioned that they flew in at 6AM Saturday for the game. The lethargy they showed on the field and the mental lapses / confusion makes a lot more sense. With 18-23 year olds, I'm pretty sure I want to be at a hotel the night before so that I can settle the kids down and let them have a good nights sleep.