Monday, February 8, 2010

B.J. Bostic.....

Come on down! You're the next contestant on "Meet Your 2010 Yellow Jacket Signees". An incredibly talented athlete from Jefferson County High in Louisville, Georgia, B.J. entered Tech this winter & will take part in spring practice. At 5,10" & 160 pounds, Bostic was originally recruited to play cornerback at Tech but there has been discussion of moving him to the offensive side of the ball. Bostic grew up a Mutt fan but realized his mistake before his senior year in high school & committed to the Jackets, becoming a vocal supporter of Tech & frequent visitor on campus.

B.J. Bostic in his AJC Super Eleven Photo. Nice threads, playa'.....

Hash's take: very quick & smooth athlete. Fluid hips; changes direction well. Never going to be that big, will likely top out at 185 pounds. Top end speed is there but he's more shifty & elusive than anything else. Will definitely contribute in the return game. While he was recruited as a corner, my hunch is he never plays defense at Tech as he's too explosive with the ball in his hands. Will get a chance at A-back, WR, & QB during spring practice. Good chance he redshirts this season to get bigger & stronger.

Player he reminds us most of: former Jacket Kelly Campbell (we're sticking to our theory he plays offense)

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