Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Practice Outlook: The B-Backs....

Yesterday's post about the quarterbacks & spring practice got us thinking it might be a good idea to take a look at every position on the team & where we stand heading into spring football. If nothing else, it will give us a point of reference after spring ball is over & we can see how things have changed. Today we'll take a look at the B-backs:

  • Anthony Allen (RS Senior/6'0", 225): the presumptive starter at B-back after Dwyer's departure. Led the nation in yards-per-carry last season from his A-back slot at 9.66. Has the natural size & disposition to play B-back. Bruising downhill runner who loves to initiate contact. Might not have the break-away speed of Dwyer but maybe a tougher inside runner. Very strong after contact. Knows the playbook & will simply have to work on the mesh. Not much if any drop-off from Dwyer.
  • Preston Lyons (Tr. Junior/ 6'0, 215): the transfer from Colgate performed admirably well after sitting out a season. A veteran of the offense having run it in high school, Lyons is a shifty runner in traffic who is tough to tackle & always seems to get yards. While he's not a dynamic, physical presence, Lyons is able to turn in the hole & generally gain chunks of positive yardage. It might not always look pretty, but he's effective & that's what counts. Too many people shrug off the value of a player like Lyons. Great teams have good depth & Lyons is a perfect example of that. He can come in for a play or two or even a series & keep the chains moving; an invaluable resource to a championship team. He's also a special teams contributor. Lyons recently has shoulder surgery & will miss spring practice as he rehabs.
  • Daniel Drummond (RS freshman/ 6'3", 255): certainly looks terrific getting off the bus & I'm not slamming him as a player. A huge, impressive physical specimen. Incredibly strong & powerful. Adequate speed but he's a bus; not really going to make anybody miss. Needs to work on footwork & agility. Certainly has the frame to take a pounding & punish defenses.
  • Richard Watson (RS sophomore/ 6'1", 225): very nice combination of size & speed. Powerful runner with some agility. Watson's biggest problem seems to be the injury bug; he's rarely been healthy since he's been at Tech. A healthy spring camp might propel him up the chart.
  • Charles Perkins (freshman/ 6'0", 210): Perkins is enrolled in school currently & will go through spring ball with what I believe is a chance to play as a true freshman. A decisive runner with a very good combination of size & speed, if Perkins proves he can learn the offense & take the punishment he'll have a chance to contribute this year. One thing to note: B-back is a much easier position to learn than A-back. A-backs must learn a variety of blocking schemes (arc, load) against a variety of different fronts (4-3, 3-4, 50, shade, etc...) and be able to read them at the line of scrimmage; no small feat for a true freshman. B-backs are much more limited it what they need to know & the most important skill, the QB mesh, is learned more through repetition than anything else. Perkins will have a chance to work on this during the fall.
So that's the scoop on the B-backs as I see it. Don't be surprised to see Perkins contribute this year; he's a baller. Losing Dwyer will hurt us but we have plenty of talent at B-back & I don't expect a major drop-off this season. We'll be sure & update the depth chart & give some more unwanted analysis after spring practice...



  1. You had best save some material for March, mister. Otherwise we'll end up being subjected to too much rambling navel gazing up until the spring game.

  2. "unwanted analysis" Now your just being silly, stop it...