Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stupid People....

We've never been accused of suffering the fool & don't plan on it anytime soon. Sometimes, you just gotta call folks out & help them realize their shortcomings. It's all in an effort to make the individual a better person & thus more tolerable to be around. Whomever wrote this gem is just such a person. From's analysis of former Tech receiver Demaryius Thomas:

"Thomas runs sloppy routes and is raw with his route-running in general. Needs to be more consistent with his concentration on the ball. Blocking must improve at the next level, which is tough to swallow given his size. Can make strides in this area due to natural measurables."

Sloppy routes, okay, we'll give you that. Concentration, well you're beginning to stretch it a bit. Blocking must improve???? What the hell are you talking about???? Have you ever, ever, watched the man play? He's a fucking road grader masquerading as a wide receiver!!!! Pretty much the only thing BayBay lacks is a truck in front of him pouring asphalt for him to run over. You, sir, are an:

Wow, some keen analysis there, moron. Just a tip, before you go around offering "analysis" on players, you might want to actually watch them play. Here's a good example:


Yes, BayBay almost killed someone with that crackback block. There are numerous examples of this on Youtube and elsewhere on the internet. You're one step shy of Al Davis in the talent evaluation department, sir.

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