Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who Drag Parade

You got to love New Orleans. It's unparalleled crumbling infrastructure, intransigent corruption and hedonism creates a heady Conradian concoction that is one part fear, one part depression, and two parts Boogie-Oogie-Oggie! Plus this town loves football; really, really loves football, and the Saints fans put on a pre-Super Bowl parade that put to shame all Super Bowl Championship parades ever. Center piece of the whole thing? One Bobby Joseph Hebert Jr. in a dress (That's right, his name isn't Robert. It's Bobby, and so is his Daddy's, and so is his son's (T-Bob (for Tiny Bobby)).

Bobby Spot Shadowed in the lower left corner.

Bobby took over a Saint's radio call-in show from Buddy D. Buddy had sworn to march down Bourbon Street in a dress if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl. Upon taking over Buddy D's Show, Bobby made the same promise.

And this is what makes New Orleans special, and Saints fans an example to all football fans everywhere. In most of your large US Cities with large underground homosexual communities, Des Moines Iowa, for example, this promise would have been fulfilled with a five minute yuck fest on the local morning news cast with the big lump ex-jock sheepishly grinning at his own feet, awkwardly balancing on high heals, chest hair erupting from behind a consignment store reject. But not New Orleans. No New Orleans does it right! Bobby went all the way; shaved legs, unblemished lip gloss, waxed chest hair, the works. And only in New Orleans could an ex-quarterback, and beloved native son, play tuck the pickle with such enthusiasm as Bobby did this past weekend and have an entire city cheer him on.

God, they may just burn that whole city down if the Saint's win.


  1. Apocalypse Now, disco music, cross-dressing, & football. The essence of The Barrel. Might be my favorite post EVER! I have but one slight thing to add: it's Petit Bob for the youngest of the Hebert's. Fine work, sir.


  2. It seems God prefers the good old fashioned flood with that town. I wouldn't be surprised if we wake up with a southern LA town chock full of salt pillars on Monday if the Saints manage a win.