Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interests for Which We Root

1 - The funkiest University in Utah! The #16 Utes are TCU's biggest remaining challenge, and thus Tech's best chance to leap the Frogs. Another reason to root for the Utes, an outbreak of War-Duck Syndrome at TCU caused by over exposure to Nike executives. Prepare to have your eyes burned out when you tune into the game.

You can Pimp or... what ever this is.

2 - The Clampetts. West By Gawd Virginia is heading on down to Cincituckey and we're pulling for Morgantown's finest. They got Granny's rocking chair strapped to the back of the truck and a jug full of moon shine. It's going to get buck wild on the shores of the Ohio, Ya'll!

Heading to Even More West Virginia.

3 - Auburn Rough Riders, but not because they are playing Georgia, well not completely. Auburn and Tech have a lot in Common. They are both Engineering Schools, they are both good lookers, and neither one of them are Chinese. If you live in Alabama and you didn't go to Auburn, you root for Alabama. Just like in Georgia, if you aren't attached to Georgia Tech personally, you root for Georgia, so we can sympathize with the Rough Riders plight. Thus we wish the Auburn Rough Riders good travels as the go forth and smite the Georgia Rough Riders.

Aubie says "Stay the hell out of Cuba, Spain"

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  1. Very nice. Quality work, sir! Especially with Aubie in the old photo. Very quality research.