Sunday, November 15, 2009

Picture Show.....

While Frank Lloyd Wrong was drinking bourbon & monitoring all important goings-on from his super secret command bunker (i.e. holding down the fort in the ATL.), Hash Slinger took the weekend off & was busy losing tons of money chasing a little white ball around while drinking far too much alcohol of dubious origin (Jagermeister & moonshine = fantastic dance partners). Many thanks to Frank for kickin' the blog solo this weekend. But now we're both BACK....and somewhat sobered up....and ready to roll. So we're heading to Tampa...

Who cares about this?????

Cause we're headin' down to see some of this:

2009 ACC Coastal Division Champs!!!!!

But before we head to Tampa we gotta take care of some business.....

How 'bout them Dawgs?????


  1. The boys get a well deserved weekend off to prep for The (sic)... I am guessing that we need the extra week off for our livers to be repaired.

    Here's to it, boys
    - RtS1