Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two simple questions.....

It's 6:30 am & we're up & headed to campus.  We have but two simple questions for you today....

What's the Good Word????

How Bout them Dawgs????

Be safe out there, people....


  1. I am torn between being crushed and being "myeh"... If this becomes a deflating loss which leads to much more losing, we have problems. If we bounce back next week, beat Clemson handily, and go throttle next opponent in a big win (both on the field and financially) it definetely ok, so we'll eat our crow and cash our 5 million dollar check.., the coaching staff got some 'splainin to do.


  2. As disapointing as this might be. The championship is really more important in the grand scheme of things. I know it's 8-9 but these guys weren't here for that run. You're 1-1 under the new coach and that is pretty good. I think all you can really ask is that rivalry games are fantastically competitive and you win every other year or go on a run. Georgia was a roller coaster all year and they happened to play well that night... that and you were still in pretty good position to win it. Ignoring morons touting thier schools is a day to day battle for everyone. I wouldn't feel too bad as a Tech fan. That Florida sun... is a good remedy for the blues.

    For the record I thought CPJ called a pretty excellent game too. The passes at the end were sound with what has been seen on tape and how they should have attacked the secondary they were on point too who knew the Georgia safeties had it in them... certainly no one that has watched them play this season anyway. Kick the crap out of clemson and all is forgiven

  3. Paul,
    It hurts but you're right, we've overachieved this year & if you had asked any of us before the season if we'd be happy at 10-2 with a berth in the ACC championship game we would have said "hell yes". Interesting how expectations change. I agree with your assessment about throwing at the end. The plays were their, we just didn't make them. But it galls me we just never adjusted to the counter-iso lead. Ealey is a fine player but we're the only team in 3 years that has maid Caleb King live up to the hype. More on the game tomorrow.