Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Rooting Interests

With Alabama playing LSU, you've probably noticed we have about eight rooting interests this week.

Before we get into this, lets put the anti-jinx mojo on this by saying, IF Tech beats Wake, Georgia and Duke, these things will help.

1 - The sure shot. Alabama to beat LSU. This is the best case scenario, as an LSU loss would vacate the #9 spot in front of Georgia Tech, but an Alabama loss would probably just create a reshuffling of spots 3 through 9 leaving Tech stranded at ten. In true Barrel form we aren't so much rooting for Alabama to beat LSU as we are rooting for the USS Alabama to come alive Maximum Overdrive style and start dropping 16" inch shells on Jordan Jefferson. Of course we're not sure the USS Alabama could displace Terrance Cody from the starting nose tackle position, and it displaces 42,500 tons when fully loaded.
2) Moving into long shot territory, but that's what November football is built on, we're rooting for the Commodores to get all 16-bit eye gougy on number 1 Florida.
2A) A close second would be the "Vandy tapping on the door to go up by two scores late in the 3rd quarter with Brandon Spikes standing next to Urban Meyer while Meyer makes the 'I don't think those oysters were good' face" shot.
3) Even longer shot. For Marshall Faulk to sneak into the Aztec locker room and slip on his old school colors and reak havoc on TCU. We don't mean the new look Aztec jersey, we mean Faulk should put on the old school, block letter, AAAA high school football practice uniforms they sported back in his day. If you are going to fight clash.

4) George O'Leary to eat Mack Brown's head, its probably the only way UCF will beat Texas

We couldn't find a picture of George eating Mack Brown's Head, but we did find this picture of George eating a woman dressed as a Big Mac. We swear this picture was not all.

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