Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Man crush....

We love our football coach.  And it's statements like this that make us love him even more: "I'm going to get Georgia Tech to the point where our program is bigger than one game...".  Not "I hope to".  Not "our goal is...".  He said "I'm going to...".  That's a declarative statement.  One of mission & purpose.  And we don't doubt him one bit.  Huzzah & TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!!!!

We're not ashamed to admit: we like the cut of his jib...


  1. Is Bedford or Voss starting against Ga. ?

  2. Bedford has been the starter this year.

  3. Wasn't he injured against Duke ?

  4. Bedford has practiced all week & will start. Expect to see Voss spell him some but we're almost at full strength. Malcom Munroe is the only player singed vs. Duke who won't play (ankle). Uzzi is also ready. Healthiest we've been in a while.

  5. Did a quick check. AJC reported him on crutches last Tuesday, but I haven't seen any other news. Perhaps hash knows.

    If Bedford doesn't go, Voss has played well in spots.